FEDPOFFA Management Launches Campaign Against Suicide

The Federal Polytechnic Offa, Kwara State has on early of May, 2019 embarked on  no to suicide campaign in a bit to erase the cases of suicides berating and bedeviling Nigeria.

The said campaign was sponsored by the management of the polytechnic through its Public Relations Unit and has captured massively four out of the Six Geo political zones in Nigeria.

The participants, mostly students from the Universities located in each state that forms geo political zones got the awareness through social media.

The campaign started and was launched by sending words of courage, hope and determination together with a personal picture to Mr. Usman Banji (Busy Brain), the coordinator of the said campaign.

The pictures stormed and has been storming different platforms of social media to save soul(s) that might have been cobbed with web of depression.

There were participants from University of Ibadan, Lagos State University, Obafemi Awolowo University, The Polytechnic Ibadan, Federal Polytechnic Ede, Ladoke Akintola University, Ogbomosho, Joseph Ayo Babalola University, Adekunle Ajasin  University, Tai Solarin University of Education,  Mahood Abiola Polytechnic, Osun State University, Osun State College of Health Technology, Federal University, Oye Ekiti, Ekiti State University among others from the South West Region.

Also, there were participants from Bayero University Kano, Usmanu Danfodio University Sokoto, Federal University of Gusau, Abdul Gausau Polytechnic, Kaduna State Polytechnic from North West. There were participants from the University of Ilorin, Kwara State University Malete, Kwara State Polytechnic, Federal Polytechnic Bida, Kwara State College of Education Oro, University of Abuja, Ibrahim Babangida University Lapai and the host institution, the Federal Polytechnic Offa from North Central. There were also participants from Delta State University, Uniport and University of Uyo from South South.

The said campaign against suicide also has in engagement state Governors, state legislatures, lecturers, politicians, forces, stakeholders etc. Mr. Usman Banji gave 70% of positivity of the campaign in curbing suicidal cases in Nigeria so far.

He reiterated that if not because of steward of Borno State government house that committed suicide recently, there has been no suicide reports in the media concerning  any student across the tertiary institutions in Nigeria since the dawn of the campaign.

Responding to the feasibility of better Nigeria through this campaign, to be out of suicide as new trend. He said;

"We are very auspicious under God's auspices that Suicide would be buried. The massive turn out of Nigerian students across the tertiary institutions to join the campaign and notable personalities in Nigeria giving out their life's experiences and words of courage is a good signal that, suicide shall be kept under carpet in our ambience."

Below are  few published reactions with their names.


"How do we explain better to our youths that are being eaten up by suicide via depression.
The circumstances behind the suicide cases reported so far were beyond reasonable doubt that suicide is a spell under satanic influence. This has really called the attention of the management of various institutions. We have to take it up and continue to preach courage and motivation to the minds of Nigerian undergraduates. Lecturers should propagate a channel of little digress to motivational talks and words of encouragement during lectures. Those words can heal the minds of its scars. Students should confide in students' advisers and say it out. Problem shared is half solved. Say no to suicide. We all have stories to tell."

#Alhaji AbdulHamid Omoniyi Raji.
The Polytechnic registrar

"My emergence  as an elected Senator
representing Kwara South  during last
election was a product of God's grace and
relentless efforts to serve my people;
that is why our  government shall never relent in
motivating and investing in Nigerian youths
to remain focus and keep on to believe in the future.
Winning senatorial seat after many trial is a strong
signal of hope that, tough time never last and
we shall be dedicated and committed
to the people at the grassroots; touch lives
through empowerments.
Suicide is a killer of hope and never a way out. Say no to suicide."

#Senator Oyelola Ashiru
Kwara South Senator elect

"How do one describe the future of a country when the youths agree losing courage, depressed and submitting their lives to suicide. This suicide evil in Nigerian students must stop. When there is life, there is hope."
#Mr. Gbenga Aleminu

Dean of Student's Affairs 
The Federal Polytechnic Offa


"It is appalling that Nigerian youths are losing courage and giving up by committing suicide. Most of the victims of the suicide so far were students. Failure is never the end of life, it gives opportunity to be a better person. Suicide is never a remedy
When there is life, there is hope."

#Mr Olayinka Iroye.
Public Relations Officer 
The Federal Polytechnic Offa.

"How many years will it take the youths to take heart and endure some pains?  What is the benefit of suicide when one cannot picture his/her actual place in heaven?  The Rome is not built in a day. We all have different stories to tell. Don't speak to sniper nor rope. Speak to someone and pray to God. Say no to suicide."

#Mr. Okoji Chuks 
Mass Comm. Lecturer 
The Federal Polytechnic Offa.
"Success consists of going from failure to failure without loss of enthusiasm. If you fall behind, run faster; never give up. There maybe tough but the difficulties which you face will make you more determined to achieve your objective. Say no to suicide and rise up against the odds."

#Mrs. Atinukemi Abass
PR and Protocol Unit 
The Federal Polytechnic Offa

" When suicide remains an antidote for depression, the essence of living is meaningless but when one seeks solace in Allah, He falls mountain of sorrow and depression. Believe in God and discuss your feelings today. Suicide is not an option"

#Comr. Muritala Saheed 
Fedpoffa SUG President"

" The apex feature that one is selfish is to take own life because many destiny has been tied to your life for greatness. Hence your absence will render mother earth great vacuum".

#Toba Adedeji
UCJ President 
Federal Polytechnic Offa.

"Women and girls should be able to determine their own future, no matter where they are born. Never loses hope, suicide is a sin"
#Hassan Karimot 
Fedpoly Ede SUG Vice President Academics.



"When you know that nothing lasts forever, including the good times, then why would you let your disappointment or sadness last forever? Cheer up, gather strength, try again and be a fighter"

#Hamzat Sheriff Olaide. 
From University Of Lagos"

"Life is a gift from the God almighty, our creator.
We should have faith in him in all our problems because he is capable of solving it all 
It's a sin to kill one's self. Say no to suicide"

#Yahaya Nurudeen Akewushola
Editor in Chief
Pen Press 
Usmanu Danfodio University Sokoto"

" No matter what difficulties you are going through, always remember that patient is virtue and Allah is always  with those who are patient. Suicide is not in religion 
Say no to suicide"

#Usman Muhammed
From Federal University, Gusau.

"Bad things do happen, the response one gave to them determine the quality of one's life. Do not choose to sit in perpetual sadness immobilized by the gravity of loss, instead, choose to rise from the pains by conquering depression and treasure the precious gift which is called LIFE"

#Akinloye Rofee'ah Jolaade
From Ladoke Akintola University, Ogbomosho

"I'm dishonest, but not broken. I'm scarred, but not disfigured. I'm sad, but not hopeless. I'm tired, but not lifeless. I'm depress, but not giving up. All things are possible with God"

#Olakunle Kudman
From University of Ibadan

"Why should Suicide be an option?
I've learnt to realised my mum went through pains in bringing up this soul.
Should suicide be her rewards?
Life doesn't guarantee it has to be rosy always.
We will all have our shortcomings, obstacles and many more. It only takes the strong ones to accept that fact.
Live your life with lot of hope
Don't lower your self esteem, face the reality.
Like I always say" I'm too blessed to be stressed "
suicide is not an option
#OlawuyI Saidat  
From University of Ilorin.


"Life is not a problem to be solved but a gift to be enjoyed. Make everyday your best day and every moment a pleasant one".

#Fakayode Damilola
From Rufus Giwa Polytechnic Owo

"Everything changes when you begin to love yourself, you are strong,talented,creative,blessed and valuable,you are enough, inspiring, you are making a progress. Stand in your authentic brilliance, even the darkest night will end and the sun will rise. You have the power to say This is not how my story will end, you are alive for a reason so don't ever give up
"Accept your power"

#Oladele motunrayo Elizabeth
From Moshood Abiola Polytechnic.


"Suicide doesn’t end the chances of life getting worse, it eliminates the possibility of it ever
 getting any better."

#Alamu Nafisat Ajoke
From Federal Polytechnic Ede.

"Though the duck swims smoothly on water, 
Underneath it has to struggle and pedal, 
Nothing comes easier in life without struggle,
So stay motivated"

#Uthman Fatima 
From Bayero University Kano.

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Jejeniwa Olamilekan writes

I am a Nigerian and I have a rather different view of religion and it's effect on my society. Let me bring to the fore in you, the things you already know in your subconscious mind. Nigeria is a nation characterized by people of different tribes, history, language, culture amongst others disparity, and who have overtime been managing to stay united since the 1914 Lord Lugard's amalgamation. However, the unity is continually being threatened as the nation continue to sit on a gun powder. While pretending to be remain united, we are continually preparing for a breakaway. To this regard, people under the umbrella of zones are getting their children prepared economically, educationally and most importantly psychologically. We are a nation in unity yet draining ourselves of life by the hour. Often, we come together to harness thoughts and point out issues threatening our peace, continuous integration and future of the coming generation. Countless problems have been identified so to say and steps have been taken since I was born. I would like you to judge the effectiveness of these measures that's been established. If you ask me, nothing is working in Nigeria today. The archives of yesterday depicts errors, the chronicles of today is characterised by vested interests and whether or not we'll live through tomorrow, I am not sure. The future of humanity is being destroyed and yet everything is still fine. Quite ironic. Despite all these, it interests me to tell you that the worst deeds against humanity is being legalised by our religion right under your nose. Hmmmm now I feel broken.

Whatever you do, in as much as people of your social circle benefits and you've satisfied your religious teachings, you are not entitled to punishment. Rather, a chair will be prepared for you right beside your God. Nigerians have been nurtured to fear God so much that I will harm my fellow men to please my God. Why do I have to bother myself whether my victims are also God's subject, to hell with them! Oftentimes, we use relational sentiments to make decisions that affects all and sundry. This especially has left me bewildered and at the same time amazed at how partitioned heaven will be considering human racial differences. How can a man love another as much as he hates him. Church Pastors and Islamic clerics preach by the holy book and address one another by the conservative adjective "Unbelievers". I am a Yoruba man and in my language we say "àwon kèfèrí" meaning the unbelievers. This also means the "unjust, damned and next to Shatan or Satan" It's so funny. Religiously, we are not allowed to associate with the so called Unbelievers as much as we ethically accept their social existence around us. Religion has not only made human relations and practice of humanity chaotic but will also give no earthly assurance of a humane living till tomorrow. To this regard, if perhaps we will continue to destroy mankind and disregard humanity because of the fear of religion and of course the assurance of life after death then perhaps we should all die today. After all, we will all get to relocate Aljanah, both the oppressors and the oppressed, to get our rightful rewards.

It is however disapproving that the threats to humanity posed by religion in Nigeria today have crept into every spectrum of our traditional cum modern societies. I reiterate, how can a man love another as much as he hates him. This is uncalled for. Individuals at different affairs of leadership today leads with vested interest many of which are born of out racial identity, social affiliations and which all has its root deep in religious doctrines and it's antecedents. In some cases, instead of your talents and sizable professionalism expertise to be considered for appointments, your religious and racial affiliation is ultimately used. The world does not want to know the real you, everyone is interested in personal, racial and religious gains. No wonder nothing has been working in Nigeria despite the fronting efforts of many. The real problem we need to tackle for humanity to thrive in a nation like Nigeria is daring us from a source neither you and I can boldly confront to conquer. Wow!

How can religion, a cankerworm that is used nationally and on daily basis to discern wrong doings and checkmate man's dealings be the Genesis of our problem itself? Suffice it to say that the sacredness of Religion has engulfed and corrupted our minds in due sanity in such a way that we are deformed even beyond individual's personal recognition. Nigeria one of the most patently religious nation with skyscraping population has done nothing right. The unreligious nations have much and will even offer strength and advise to us and we will gladly accept but of course will have no results even after setting those ideas in motion. Recently, in my conversation with Rakelle, a friend, she suggested we switch country with the likes of Donald Trump, Barrack Obama, Hilary Clinton and the entire Americans. The thought of the ominous idea still makes me laugh even now because I consider it very terrible. However, I said to her that instant, that should such an historical feat be achieved and indeed we get to switch places, America in less than five years will regain her rightful title as the nation on top of a hill, a glory she had lost since 1947 because our lands has more resources than all America combined and Nigeria in turn, having moved to the already developed land and system of America will in less than two years completely corrupt the already working system and return to her original shape in a couple of years. Everything that has been working over there will just stop working. Damn!

I could recall, President Kim Jong-un of North Korea recently pleaded probably to the United Nations that he be allowed to colonise Nigeria for one year and see what he will do with my country in 12 months. If you ask me, I consider that a big challenge. As much as he was reprimanded for such statement around the world and of course neglected by my home government, seeing what he has achieved in the few years of his rein as North Korea President especially after making North Korea a nation who now pose greater threat to America's imperialism, I would gladly give in to his colonialism not minding the economic setback my decision will cause for Nigeria as a sovereign state. Why am I saying this, these guys have records of unprecedented victories because of a working system and mindset that is devoid of religious and racial sentiments. Everything that makes a nation develop ultimately is everything we don't possess as a nation. The smallest of them all is working collectively for humanity and this also Nigeria does not even possess. We have no just resolve, motive and operational ideas whose personal, racial and of course religious gains is far from the collective contribution to sustenance of humanity. What the F*ck!

In Nigeria, Religion has become our sole harborage, for in religion we claim to find earthly provisions and divinity accompanied with promises of peace and safety and we obey her laws sacredly while we nix and abridge the tenets humanity. The preaching of religion of course supersedes that of being humane. Just imagine! Despite the billionaire prayer warriors and witches we have in my country. Religion is the problem everyone has been shying away from because it is considered very sensitive. It's eating us up like a cankerworm yet we look away from it intentionally as we've been trained not to offend God nor gods. Religion teaches us to let the fear of God inside our hearts but have not promoted humanity. Judging by the nasty and unsportsmanlike relations of Nigerians despite the height of religion, indeed humanity is not been practiced. There needs to be peace in our land. Our clerics should rather give us guns to kills ourselves if they won't com
portand promote teachings on Humanity. Enough has been said and done as with the problems bedevilling Nigeria, this time, I admonish that we take up the practice of Humanity and compassion nationally. Think of humanity as you think of yourself and racial circle, let us promote humane living in all we do. These are the words I expect my clerics to say here hence. As for me humanity will become my religion. Conclusively, I reiterate, religion will only make us love ourselves as much as we will hate ourselves by continually inciting us against ourselves. Religion will not birth a better Nigeria but humanity will. Graçias.

©Jejeniwa Olamilekan Samson


Mass Communication Graduate, Federal Polytechnic Offa.

Appeal Court Judgement is Divine and Proof that Oyetola is Ordained for Osun Development - Engr. Olalekan Badmus

Olajide Israel,  Osogbo,  Osun State

 A former aspirant to the House of Representatives in Ifon/Orolu/Irepodun/Osogbo Federal Constituency, State of Osun,   Engr.  Olalekan Badmus (Omo Oloore),  has said,  Appeal Court judgment is divine and proof that Governor Oyetola is an ordained apostle for Osun development.

Engr.  Olalekan Badmus through his Chief Press Secretary,  Toba Adedeji on Thursday make this position known.

The statement  read,  "Peoples Democratic Party quest to seek for justice that is not real and vogue will cause them bitterness  but I enjoined them to swallow their pride and join hands with the administration  of Governor Gboyega Oyetola who Osun people voted for with all sense of passion in 2018.

"Instead of all these futility endeavors of PDP and her candidate let join hands to make Osun great because the Appeal court judgment is a divine ordinance and proof that Oyetola is for development of State of Osun.

He congratulated Oyetola and the entire people of Osun State for their support and optimistic  spirit before the judgment  was delivered.
Appeal Court Judgement is Divine and Proof that Oyetola is Ordained for Osun Development - Engr. Olalekan Badmus Appeal Court Judgement is Divine and Proof that Oyetola is Ordained for Osun Development - Engr.  Olalekan Badmus Reviewed by Toba Adedeji on 01:26 Rating: 5

BREAKING: Osun election tribunal delivers judgment on PDP’s petition


The Osun State Governorship Election Petition Tribunal sitting in Abuja is now delivering judgment on the petition filed by the Peoples Democratic Party and its candidate in the September 2018 election, Senator Ademola Adeleke , to challenge the declaration of the All Progressives Congress and its candidate , Gboyega Oyetola, as the winner of the poll.
The Justice Ibrahim Sirajo - led three-man bench began delivering judgment at 10 . 33 am on Friday .
The lead judgment is being delivered by a member of the panel, Justice Peter Obiora .
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Top 10 Richest Politicians in The World


Power and money is a deadly combination. However, it seems rather odd for democratic leaders to have a mammoth fortune as they make decisions for the common tax-payers.
This doesn’t stop business tycoons to pursue their political aspirations and trying their hands at running a state or a country. Apart from this there are royal Kings, Sultans and Sheikhs for whom running a country is a family business. Here is a list of top 10 richest politician is in the world 2019.

See the list...

10. Bidzina Ivanishvili (Net Worth: $4.5 billion)

9. Silvio Berlusconi (Net Worth: $7.8 billion)

8. Serge Dassault (Net Worth: $8 billion)

7. Mikhail Prokhorov (Net Worth: $8.9 billion)

6. Zong Qinghou (Net Worth: $10.8 billion)

5. Savitri Jindal (Net Worth: $13.2 billion)

4. Vladimir Putin (Net Worth: 18.4 billion)

3. Khalifa Bin Zayed Al Nahyan (Net Worth: $19 billion)

2. Hassanal Bolkiah (Net Worth: $20 billion)

1. Michael Bloomberg (Net Worth: $47.5 billion)
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Aisha seeks more appointments for APC members in Buhari’s second term


Wife of the President Aisha Buhari , has appealed to the All Progressives Congress to consider more card -carrying members of the party for appointments into various political offices in the next dispensation .
Aisha , via a statement issued on Friday in Abuja by her Director of Information , Mr . Suleiman Haruna , said that APC constitution specifies that party members should be given preference in appointments.
She spoke in Daura after a dinner organised to celebrate the re- election of President Muhammadu Buhari .

The wife of the President advised that the party ’ s constitution be respected .
She expressed gratitude to all Nigerians for coming out in their large numbers to vote for President Buhari and the APC.

She assured women and the youths who came out in their numbers to vote for President Buhari that government would do more to improve their lives.

“ I wish to thank the women and youths of this country for the number of votes they gave President Buhari in the 2019 election, and to assure that he will continue to do his best to make Nigeria a better country, ” she said .

Minister of Aviation, Hadi Sirika , who also spoke , thanked the electorate for voting President Buhari whose integrity was tested over time.

Sirika assured the APC supporters that in the second term of President Buhari , Nigerians would witness unprecedented level of development in all spheres of endeavour.
He commended Mrs. Buhari for her initiative of engaging women and youths during the presidential campaign , which resulted in the massive votes recorded.
The event , which took place at the Daura stadium , was attended by APC supporters across Katsina State .
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BREAKING: Court sentences Lekan Shonde to death for killing wife


The Lagos State High Court on Friday sentenced Lekan Shonde to death by hanging for killing his wife, Ronke.

Lekan Shonde , a depot worker in the Apapa area of Lagos State , was found guilty of the murder of his wife.

It was reported that 51 -year - old Lekan allegedly beat his wife to death at their home in the Egbeda -Idimu area of Lagos State .

He was alleged to have locked the door on the corpse and their two children before the incident was discovered by a housekeeper and later reported to the police .

The marriage , which was blessed with two children , aged six and four , was said to have been marred with domestic violence.

He accused Ronke of sleeping with one Kayode , the general manager of a publishing company .
Delivering the judgement on Friday, Justice Josephine Oyefeso sentenced Lekan to death based on the conviction that the convict killed his wife , Ronke.

Details later …
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EFCC arraigns Lagos prophetess for defrauding company of N25m


A Lagos - based prophetess , Linda Mabi - Praise , has been arraigned by the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission for allegedly defrauding a company of N25 m in an alleged Automotive Gas Oil deal .

Mabi - Praise , who is said to be a prophetess at the Temple of Praise Church on Adeniran Ogunsanya Street , Surulere , Lagos , was arraigned before a Lagos State Special Offences Court on eight counts bordering on stealing , obtaining under false pretences and issuance of dud cheques .

Mabi - Praise and her company , Mutano Energy Limited , according to the EFCC prosecutor , Frank Ofoma , committed the offences sometime in 2017 in Lagos .

She was alleged to have received N503 . 3 m in five tranches from the complainant , Tophara Ventures Nigeria Limited , and subsequently issued three dud cheques to the company .

Ofoma said , “ On April 4 , 2017 , the defendants fraudulently obtained the sum of N 80 m from Tophara Ventures Nigeria Limited by falsely representing to the company that the money was for diesel importation.

“ On April 24 , 2017 , the defendants falsely obtained N238 . 2 m from the complainant by claiming that it was for the purpose of diesel trade and supply.

“ On April 24 , 2017 , the defendants dishonestly stole and converted N137 . 1 m belonging to the complainant to their personal use ; and sometime in 2017 , Mabi - Praise also stole N 48 m from Tophara Ventures Nigeria Limited . ”

Ofoma added that the prophetess and her firm, with intent to defraud, had on May 3 , 2017 , issued three United Bank for Africa Plc cheques to Tophara Ventures.

The first cheque , with number 77148231 , was dated October 30 , 2015 ; while the second cheque , with number 77148216 , was dated May 3 , 2017 , and both were for N5 m each .

The defendants on May 3 , 2017 , allegedly issued a third cheque with 77148217 for N10 m .

All three cheques were reportedly dishonoured upon presentation for payment .
According to the EFCC , the offences contravene sections 1 ( 1 ) and 1 (3 ) of the Advance Fee Fraud and Other Related Offences Act of 2006 , and sections 258 ( 1 ), 9 ( b) and 278 (1 ) of the Criminal Law of Lagos , 2015 .

The offences , according to the anti -graft agency , also contravene Section 1 ( 1 ) of the Dishonoured Cheques and Other Related Offences Act , 2004 .

The prophetess had earlier been arraigned before the court for defrauding a lawyer , Unoma Omo, of N165 . 5 m, and has a pending arraignment before Justice Oluwatoyin Taiwo .

The presiding judge , Justice Sherifat Solebo, admitted the defendant to bail in the sum of N25 m with two sureties in like sum.

She added that the sureties must be resident in Lagos State and provide proof of residency and tax payment to the state government .

She , however , ordered the defendant to be remanded in prison custody pending the perfection of her bail conditions.

Justice Solebo adjourned the case till March 25 for trial .
EFCC arraigns Lagos prophetess for defrauding company of N25m EFCC arraigns Lagos prophetess for defrauding company of N25m Reviewed by KOC on 18:31 Rating: 5
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