Eid-el-Kabir: Pray against any crusade that might put Nigeria Unity under threat, Engr Olalekan Badmus Charges Muslim Faithfuls

A prominent member of the ruling party, All Progressive Congress, Engr. Olalekan Badmus has felicitated with Muslim faithfuls,  charging them to use the period of Eid-el-Kabir celebration  to pray against any crusade that might put the peace of the nation under threat.

This was contained in a statement by his Press secretary,  Toba Adedeji which was made available to press men over the weekend.

The statement read,  "I congratulate Nigerians for the celebration of Eid-el-Kabir.

"Also, I want to seize this period to urge Nigerians especially the Muslim faithfuls to use this period to pray against any crusade under the guise of revolution.

The best thing we can do for our country is to support the government of the day by playing our own part holistically.

He noted that,  change should begin with ourselves for better this government should deliver maximally.

The APC led government will always ensure security,  provision of basic amenities,  strengthen the economy and others.
Eid-el-Kabir: Pray against any crusade that might put Nigeria Unity under threat, Engr Olalekan Badmus Charges Muslim Faithfuls Eid-el-Kabir: Pray against any crusade that might put Nigeria Unity under threat,  Engr Olalekan Badmus Charges Muslim Faithfuls Reviewed by Toba Adedeji on 20:45 Rating: 5

Tekno, producer in police custody over Lekki van strippers

Musician, Augustine Kelechi , popularly known as Tekno ; as well as his video producer , Lawal Tijani, are currently at the State Criminal Investigation Department , Panti , Lagos , facing questions from the police .
The two , it was learnt , were invited by the Lagos State Police Command for the indecent act showing four half -naked strippers dancing seductively with Tekno in a display van in traffic around the Lekki- Ikoyi link bridge last Friday night .
The video clip , which had gone viral on social media , was said to be part of a scene from Tekno ’ s unreleased video , titled Agege , featuring musician, Zlatan Ibile .
The PUNCH was told that the owner of the display truck was also in police custody.
A top source said , “ It is true. Tekno , Tijani and the owner of the truck were invited and they are currently in Panti . They are not under arrest at the moment . ”
When asked if the four strippers were also in custody, the source said , “The girls have not been reachable on telephone but when we can contact them, they will be invited . ”
The act is said to be in contravention of Section 136 of the Criminal Law of Lagos State , 2015 which provides that any person who commits any act of gross indecency with another person in public commits an offence and liable on conviction to three years imprisonment .
Section 134 (a ) further stipulates that an indecent act in a public place makes both parties engaging in the act liable to imprisonment for two years .
The Lagos State Signage and Advertisement Agency had last week suspended the licence of the firm that reportedly owns the van for promoting indecent acts .
However , the firm , Pro - Vision Media System Limited , noted that it had sold the vehicle since last year and could not bear any liability.

Tijani and Tekno had on Sunday apologised to Nigerians for the act .
They both claimed that they were only conveying the unclad ladies in a display truck because the one they were using initially had suddenly developed a fault .
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The producer said , “ My people, I want to clear the air about a video that has been circulating on various platforms showing some ladies dancing in a truck around the Lekki area. Contrary to the speculations that have been circulating , we were shooting some scenes in an indoor location in a transparent truck in Lekki 1 for one of Tekno ’ s new song .
“ This had nothing to do with advertisement of any sort . As part of the concept of the music video , we had a night scene in a truck and the truck was to move to the next location in Victoria Island , Lagos at about 12 midnight but our production van was faulty , so we had to convey our artist and models on the transparent truck .
“ We apologise for whatever inconveniences we may have caused . We tried to take all caution in ensuring that the shoot was done professionally and our movement was made at midnight . ”
Tekno, producer in police custody over Lekki van strippers Tekno, producer in police custody over Lekki van strippers Reviewed by Toba Adedeji on 15:38 Rating: 5

Omoyele Sowore: Is Revolution In Its Real Sense Criminal? By Adejumo Kabir

“I will die, sooner or later, whether or not I had even spoken myself. My silences won't protect me. Your silences will not protect you. What are the words you do not yet have? What are the tyrannies you swallow day by day and attempt to make your own, until you die of them, still in silence? We have been socialized to respect fear more than our own need for language." - Audre Lorde

Nigerians on Saturday woke up to read the news of how Omoyele Sowore, the Publisher of Sahara Reporters and right activist was 'kidnapped' by secret police at his residence ahead of the nationwide protest expected to kick start in 21 cities on Monday, August 5. The protest according to Sowore and other organisers is tagged: #RevolutionNow to express their displeasure against all manners of challenges the country is facing.

While many Nigerians agree that the country is going through hell, some did not consider revolution as the right approach to use against the corrupt leaders occupying the seat of power. Some persons even argued that the sole aim of Sowore is to hijack power. The online defenders of the government of the day claimed that those calling for revolution are sponsored by the oppositions. While we are still battling with the the proper answers to the above allegations, we must ask ourselves the following questions: "Is Revolution in its real sense criminal? Is Sowore's call for revolution right? Is Sowore calling for war?

The meaning of the term "revolution" is simple. It is simply a fundamental socio-political transformation. Revolution is not war as tagged by many people. "As long as justice and injustice have not terminated their ever-renewing fight for ascendancy in the affairs of mankind, human beings must be willing to battle against oppressors", says John Stuart Mill. This is revolution. It is simply freedom. A fight against tyrannical injustice for the victory of oppressed and it is expected to be carried out for a honest purpose by people's free choice.

Infact, history has it that in the 18th century, the discovery of revolution as a relevant political category was reflected and supported by political and moral philosophy. Past philosophers in their works argued that revolution is not just a right but also duty of the people to demand the best from their rulers. Howard Evans Kiefer said: "It seems to me that the duty to rebel is much more understandable than that right to rebel, because the right to rebellion ruins the order of power, whereas the duty to rebel goes beyond and breaks it". Thomas Hobbes maintained that it the right of the people to defend themselves against the sovereign if their lives is under threat".

According to Lenin, revolutions happen when two conditions have been met, "first, the ruling-class can no longer carry on ruling in the same old way, and second, the working class won't let them."

Unarguably, the lives of over 70% Nigerians is under threat. Yet, some persons still opined that revolution is criminal. They have forgotten that we live in a country where kidnapping for ransom has become the order of the day. A country where citizens cannot sleep with their two eyes closed. A nation where security operatives kill citizens more than they protect them.

It is important to note that revolution becomes bloody when agents of government such as the DSS that kidnapped Sowore denied folks of their rights. "It is the state repression that is violent, and that often provokes a violent reaction from the masses -- upon which the media often almost exclusively focuses", Lenin argued. In fact, Sowore's arrest is a case study.

The United Nations confirmed that over 27, 000 persons have been killed by Boko Haram in the last 10 years of their reign. The insurgents continue to overpower our military men whose strength is only in raping university students like they did in Adekunle Ajasin University, Akugba Akoko. The Army Chief, Tukur Buratai on his part lacks the will to end insecurity. We've graduated from the crisis of Boko Haram to a country with uncountable crisis. I may be the next person to die after writing this article and you may even be the next after reading this piece. Why? We are not certain that we won't be kidnapped and butchered before the end of the day. This is the thought that run across the mind of many Nigerians.

Our so called religion and traditional rulers continue to meet with the president on daily basis to negotiate the best means to safeguard the people but positive change remain difficult to achieve. It appears that mediation and negotiation cannot give us liberty in Nigeria and our best option for now is to revolt. #RevolutionNow protest is to send signal to the world that Nigerians are ready to send the failed leaders out of the system.

It is madness and stupid for any government to think that a family can be raised with N18,000 monthly salary. The implementation of N30,000 minimum wage won't come as or with a tea party. Sowore's revolution is a brave decision. There's need to distrupt the political and economy space and the time is now. It is sad to wake up every morning to remember that your country is the capital of world poverty, that your country has the highest number of out of school school children, that your country is among the top list of countries with child and maternal mortality, that your country top in cybercrime and that your police, judiciary, lawmakers and religion leaders are most corrupt personnels.

No doubt, people will revolt. You picked Taju on the street but left Ochanya to die because of the failed system. Years after, Success (dem go flog tire) was picked on the street but you did not remember the Kazeem in my father's backyard. You refuse to think about the Steven, Lukmon, Ezinne and many other kids whose parents cannot feed let alone put them in school. These kids will grow to curse you all. The kids will grow to be terrorists, they will locate the kids of the corrupt leaders, terrorise and even kill them. 

Malala said: "with gun, you can kill terrorists but with education, you can kill terrorism". Nigeria as a country is not ready to kill terrorism and it is time for every sane mind to stand tall against oppression as it is fondly said that the oppressors cannot ride the oppressed except their backs are bent. We should not bend our back. 

According to Karl Marx: "someday, the worker must seize political power in order to build up the new organization of labor; he must overthrow the old politics which sustain the old institutions, if he is not to lose Heaven on Earth, like the old Christians who neglected and despised politics". He maintained that if the working class don't push revolution to a successful conclusion, "the old order will re-impose itself and the whole sorry mess will start over again and so, it will continue indefinitely until they either succeed in transforming society in their interests, or it ends in the common ruin of the contending classes and perhaps the end of the human race."

All hands should be on desk to plan this revolution together. It is better for us to have a planned revolution like the Chinese revolution of 1949 than a spontaneous revolution like Russian revolution of 1917. Spontaneous revolution is the attribute of the military. We need a planned revolution like Sowore's #RevolutionNow to defeat both the corrupt civilian leaders and their khaki boys. 


Adejumo Kabir is a journalist and student of Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile Ife. He tweets @AdejumoKabir2
Omoyele Sowore: Is Revolution In Its Real Sense Criminal? By Adejumo Kabir Omoyele Sowore: Is Revolution In Its Real Sense Criminal?  By Adejumo Kabir Reviewed by Toba Adedeji on 10:46 Rating: 5

DSS’ invasion of Sowore’s abode, a terrorist midnight arrest —Soyinka

Nobel Laureate , Prof . Wole Soyinka, on Sunday described the Saturday morning arrest of human rights activist , Omoyele Sowore , by the Department of State Services , as “a terrorist midnight arrest . ”

He added that it was “ a travesty and violation of the fundamental rights” of citizens to congregate and make public their concerns.

Soyinka said Sowore , the presidential candidate of the African Action Congress in the February 2019 presidential election , has not engaged in any treasonable act as being claimed by the Inspector General of Police , Mohammed Adamu .

Sowore is the convener of ‘ # RevolutionNow’ protests, which has been scheduled to hold nationwide on Monday , August 5 .

Soyinka, in a statement made available on Sunday and titled: “ Surely , Not Again!!!” said the “ deployment of alarmist expressions ” such as “ treason, ” “ anarchist , ” and “ public incitement ” by security agents was predictable and banal and that the expressions have become meaningless.

The Nobel Laureate wrote , in part: “ Nothing that he said to me in private engagement ever remotely approached an intent to destabilise governance or bypass the normal democratic means of changing a government .

“ I therefore find the reasons given by the Inspector- General for the arrest and detention of this young ex -presidential candidate totally contrived and untenable, unsupported by any shred of evidence.

“ His arrest is a travesty and violation of the fundamental rights of citizens to congregate and make public their concerns.

“ This is all so sadly déjà vu. How often must we go through this wearisome cycle?

“ We underwent identical cynical contrivances under the late , unlamented Sani Abacha , when he sent storm - troopers to disrupt a planning session for a similar across-nation march at Tai Solarin School , Ikenne .

“ This was followed up by a personalised letter that was hand delivered by the State Security Services to me under their summons , at their Abeokuta so - called ‘ Annexe , ’ with near identical wording to the threats contained in today ’ s release from the desk of the Chief of Police .

“ At least , I was summoned , not subjected to a terrorist midnight arrest . Some irony!

“ The same pattern Pavlovian conduct manifested itself under yet another supposed democratic ruler who personally declared that the gathering of civilians to deliberate on , and propose a constitution for the nation was ‘ high treason’ , and would be resisted by the full rigour of state power if we persisted.

“ The Inspector - General of Police mobilized his forces and issued inflammatory proclamations , but PRONACO went ahead despite all the thundering from Aso citadel . Can the police ever learn anything also their tear- gassing and brutalizing of grieving mothers who marched peacefully to protest the deaths of their children in a plane crash inferno ?
DSS’ invasion of Sowore’s abode, a terrorist midnight arrest —Soyinka DSS’ invasion of Sowore’s abode, a terrorist midnight arrest —Soyinka Reviewed by Toba Adedeji on 08:51 Rating: 5

RUGA Should Not Be Imposed On States —Kano Gov

Kano State governor, Dr Umar Ganduje, has described RUGA settlement project as a programme that should be initiated by any interested state and not be imposed.
The governor added that RUGA should not have been the programme of the Federal Government but rather of any state interested in taking care of Fulani herdsmen.
Ganduje stated this while addressing reporters in Sokoto after attending the wedding ceremony of the son of a former governor of Kano State, Senator Kabiru Gaya, in Sokoto on Saturday.
According to him, “I think they suspended a programme which was not truly understood. RUGA is supposed to be for a state where Fulanis are resident. You cannot implement RUGA where the indigenes are not Fulanis.
“That is why in Kano State, we decided to develop grazing area in form of RUGA system where the Fulani will be in one place and can be educated.
“They will get all other social services that are being provided for the people of Kano State which include health, security and justice, so that the type that they are doing could be improved upon in order to produce more nutritious milk for the people.
“There is no better way we can resettle the Fulani people than the provision of RUGA system. There is no better way you can improve the quality of life of the people, otherwise the Fulani people will be suffering and the security problems will continue.
“I am not happy at the way they are being treated in the country. At the same time, I am not happy at their lack of education, which is graduating into banditry. I am not happy.”
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Group berates judge for granting order proscribing Shi’ite

A judiciary watchdog , Access to Justice, has faulted the proscription of the Islamic Movement of Nigeria by the Federal High Court in Abuja .
Following an ex parte application by the Federal Government, Justice Nkeonye Maha declared the IMN a terrorist group and proscribed it as prayed by the government .
But A 2 J, in a statement on Sunday by its Convener, Joseph Otteh , described the court ’ s pronouncement as “ unconstitutional and deeply unfortunate . ”
The group said it was dismayed that Justice Maha would grant such an order in a way that sacrificed the rights of the IMN adherents, popularly known as Shi ’ ites , to present their side of the story.
Describing the court ’ s approach as flawed , A2 J said Justice Maha ’ s final decision betrayed the long - standing judicial practice of not deciding a case based on a one - sided account
The group said said , “ A legitimate judicial process takes account of , and hears the cases and defences of everyone accused of misconduct and /or whose interests would be affected by a court decision and orders . To that extent, Justice Maha ’ s ruling is strongly objectionable . It did not follow nor respect basic constitutional standards applicable to a judicial proceeding , but disavowed inexplicably and without justification .
“ In a democracy , legislations must pass the tests of constitutionality to be enforceable by a court . The court ought to have satisfied itself that the legislation under which it acted , which so gravely imperils the fundamental rights of citizens to assemble and move freely , champion their causes and practice their religion, passes constitutional muster . It did not do so , unfortunately. ”

A2 J said Justice Maha ’ s orders were tantamount to condemning and criminalising the IMN without affording the Shi ’ ites “ the basic right to even challenge how the federal government – which has persecuted them over a long period and extrajudicially killed hundreds of their members – characterised them. ”
It added , “ Many Nigerians are expressing growing concern that our courts , in a period when they ought to stand resolute as bulwarks of constitutional freedoms, are drawing a blank at critical moments , and giving the raw might of executive power unrestrained leeway over the rights of citizens . It probably bears repeating that when a judiciary fails to step up to the plate and safeguard the rights of individuals or groups when threatened , including those who suffer political persecution because of their beliefs or their unpopularity , democracy fails, and then the people are effectively silenced and unable to hold power to any form of accountability.

“ Justice Maha ’ s decision has done far -reaching damage, at least now, to the rights of a group and its members to defend their rights peacefully and legitimately . The court has criminalized them by the stroke of a pen, labelling them as terrorists and exposing them to further risks of criminal jeopardy. It is a hugely unfair and inequitable thing for a court of justice or of law , to do . ”
Group berates judge for granting order proscribing Shi’ite Group berates judge for granting order proscribing Shi’ite Reviewed by Toba Adedeji on 09:23 Rating: 5

We used to call Goodluck Jonathan clueless but I don't know what to call Buhari- Prof Akin Oyebode

A professor of International Law and Jurisprudence , Akin Oyebode has said,  "We used to call Goodluck Jonathan clueless but I don't know what to call Buhari".

The don said this during an interview session with The Punch newspaper conducted by TUNDE AJAJA.

Responding to questions he said...

Are you of the view that Nigeria should have wasted no time in signing the African Continental Free Trade Agreement ?
As the largest concentration of black people on earth , we have a stake in the African Union . That is why some of us were perplexed that Buhari was dithering over signing the African Continental Free Trade Agreement . Finally , push came to shove and he had to sign . I don ’ t know his calculation but he likes passing the buck . Someone of great insight and foresight would have signed that agreement earlier as a vote for African unification , but again you can ’ t exceed your limitation . If you are not properly schooled in African politics and if you look at how long it’ s taking him to have a cabinet , you put a question mark on his claim to fame as a leader . That was why a country of this standing , worth and promise was like perambulating and sleepwalking on the issue. We used to call Goodluck Jonathan clueless but I don ’ t know what to call Buhari . Wednesday made it five months that he won election and it’ s about two months that he was sworn in , and even though he assured us he would no longer be ‘ baba - go - slow ’ , one just feels sorry for Nigeria . Look at what President Paul Kagame is doing in Rwanda . The enthusiasm and dynamism that one expects from a country of this worth have been lacking and when you now have a cabinet of lacklustre mediocre in charge of affairs, you just hang your head in shame . Quite seriously , I don ’ t know what ( Vice- President Yemi ) Osinbajo is still doing there. He is far smarter because I know him ; he was my student . A brilliant guy like that should distance himself from mediocrity .

We used to call Goodluck Jonathan clueless but I don't know what to call Buhari- Prof Akin Oyebode We used to call Goodluck Jonathan clueless but I don't know what to call Buhari- Prof Akin Oyebode Reviewed by Toba Adedeji on 09:05 Rating: 5

South-West traditional rulers accused of selling land to foreign herdsmen

Some traditional rulers in the South -West have been accused of inviting herdsmen from foreign countries to settle in their domains .
They allegedly harboured herdsmen from West African countries in the Oke Ogun area of Oyo State and other parts of Yorubaland .
A former Director , Directorate of Military Intelligence, Col . Kunle Toogun (retd . ) , said a monarch in Oke Ogun brought four trucksloads of herdsmen to his domain about three months ago .
Toogun , who is the chairman of Oke Ogun Security Committee, said the invasion of Yorubaland by foreign herdsmen was a big security threat to the people of the region .
He said , “ These people ( monarchs ) took money from the Bororo ( foreign herdsmen ) and asked them to come to their domains . These people are not Nigerians . The native Fulani people have their settlements around and they don ’ t graze their cattle in any farm .
“ A particular Oba sold the land of another community to these foreign herdsmen and it became a crisis . I met the Chairman of the Atisbo Local Government Area of Oyo State and told him that this particular monarch must stop the nonsense .
“ It was made clear to all the obas and chiefs in Oke Ogun not to harbour or sell land to these Bororos . But there is a stubborn and recalcitrant baale ( chief ) in Oke Ogun that is not only harbouring Bororos but also selling land to them. ”
The retired military officer stated that the traditional ruler allowed a large number of foreign herdsmen to settle in 10 locations within Atisbo LGA two months ago .
A youth group, the Yoruba Socio-Cultural Association , also accused another Oba in the Oke Ogun of giving land to foreign herdsmen and collecting cows in return .
The National Coordinator of the group , Mr Olawale Hammed , in an interview with SUNDAY PUNCH , said despite the outcry against the atrocities of killer herdsmen especially in the South- West, some monarchs still harboured them.
“ Some of these traditional rulers have lost their respect and they don ’ t care what happens to their subjects , ” he added .
But one of the traditional rulers in Ogun State , the Ooye of Iwoye- Ketu , Oba Joel Ademola, told SUNDAY PUNCH that the issue of Fulani herders and Yoruba was complex because some of them settled in different parts of Yorubaland a long time ago .
He said , “ Our forefathers gave some land to Fulani herdsmen but not in exchange for anything like cows or other items . It was done to boost the economy of our region .
South-West traditional rulers accused of selling land to foreign herdsmen South-West traditional rulers accused of selling land to foreign herdsmen Reviewed by Toba Adedeji on 08:37 Rating: 5
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