FEDPOFFA UCJ Kickstarts Operation, Launches Blog

FA UCJ Kickstarts Operation, Launches Blog

The Union of Campus Journalists(UCJ) has started operation in Federal Polytechnic Offa, Kwara State.

The motto of the Union which is  ‘Liberty Championed By The Pen.’  and has the follow aims and objectives

A. To foster peace, unity and progress among the students
B. To promote campus journalism
C. To improve the level of consciousness of the members
D. To inculcate the right values, norms and attitudes of humanity in our members and the general  public
E. To instil discipline in the students through educative and constructive writing
F. To protect the fundamental human rights of the students on campus
G. To establish an effective group communication with the University management so that the rights of the students are protected
H. To report objectively the events and happenings on campus
I. To promote the good name of the University and uphold and defend its integrity
J. To cater for the well being of the students
K. To train members in the art of Public speaking, Intellectual discuss and debating.

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