Osun Police Arrest Herdsman for Kidnap, killing his father over N45,000 Ransom

Toba Adedeji

Osun State Police has arrested a 28-years-old herdsman, Isa Ibrahim (son), Lateef Bello, Rahman and others for kidnap and killing of a 55-years-old man, Ibrahim Adamu(father)

Commissioner of Police, Osun State, Mr. Fimihan Adeoye made this announcement at the Police headquarter, Osogbo before parading the suspect to newsmen on Tuesday.

While Mr. Adeoye was briefing newsmen he said, On 19th April, 2018, some people kidnapped Ibrahim Adamu at Araromi, Owode Area, Osun State.

"During our investigation we arrested one Jolaanabi and we charged him to court over the matter but eventually he was granted bail but we did not relent with our investigation which helped us to come to the fact that the son of the victim, Isa Ibrahim masterminded the kidnap of his father.

" The son of the victim met with Jolaanabi and his cohorts to help him kidnap his father for them to collect ransom from his father which he will share the ransom paid with the gang but eventually the father died in captive after which the ransom of N3million was collected from the family and the band gave the victim's son N45,000.

"The police had arrested Isa Ibrahim, victim's friend, Lateef Bello, Rahaman and other people who participated in the crime.

Isa Ibrahim while addressing newsmen, he said, " I don't know that they will kill my father and the reason for my action is due to the disagreement between me and my father which led to him sending me packing from his house.

He said, "When my father sent me parking from his house i met with Jolaanabi and he told me that the only way I can get my inheritance from my father is to kidnap him. He explained to me that ransom will be paid and from the ransom the gang will pay him the sum of N500, 000.  But after the deal they killed my father and refuse to pay, N500,000 but they paid me N45,000"

"I regret my action because I only want to get his money not his life"

Also, the victims friend, Lateef Bello who participated in the crime revealing the reason for killing Amuda, he said, " When he was in our den he removed what was used to blindfold his eyes which resulted to identify us , his action infuriated the two Togolese that was hired by Jolaanabi and they killed him.

"Jolaanabi called Rahaman to get two Togolese from Ibadan

According to him, "When he died I realised that I need the kidney, hands and some other part for something. We chop off his head and dismembered his body to collect the need part before burying him at a riverside in Owode Ede.

" After the ransom was collected I was given N800,000" he concluded.

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