[Exclusive) Skills King Sunny Ade Mastered From My Daddy Turned his Life Around- Baba Sala's Son

Moses Adejumon known as Baba Sala who died on October 7th, 2018 started his career in the entertainment industry as a Highlife musician and credited for tutoring many musicians including Prince Sunday Adegeye , popularly known as Sunny Ade . Baba Sala later was left music for acting and performing a brand of comedy that fused singing with clownish antics.

In an exclusive interview with POINTOUT one of Baba Sala's children, Emmanuel Adejumon revealed what was between popular Juju singer, Sunny Ade and his father.

What kind of relationship did he have with King Sunny Ade before his death ?

Their relationship was cordial , even till the point of his death . Anytime King Sunny Ade was in this area, he would pay homage to my daddy before going to perform . He would bring gifts and whatever he had to my daddy .

How did they become close ?
My daddy taught him how to play the guitar. He was part of my daddy ’s musical band and he used to play Bongo drums .

What can you say about your father’ s music band?

It was called Moses Olaiya and Federal Rhythm Dandies . My daddy used to play guitar and at the same time , he was the lead singer .

How did King Sunny Ade get to learn the guitar since you said he was playing Bongo drums ?

One day , my daddy fell critically ill while on stage because during the period, he was working round the clock . He was a sanitary inspector, thrift collector , lesson tutor for pupils and in the night , he would perform as an artist in one club or the other . The activities were energy sapping . In the morning , he would go to work as sanitary inspector, and in the afternoon , he would work as thrift collector and when he came back, he would teach some pupils before he would proceed to a club house to perform as an artiste . So on one of those days , he fell ill on stage and had to be rushed to a hospital . The unfortunate thing was that he had collected money for the show , so that was how his younger brother , Moses Omole , who was part of the band , asked who could perform as a substitute . King Sunny Ade signified his intention to play the guitar, saying he would give it a trial . He played the guitar and did very well. That was how my father blessed him and prayed for him .

How come Sunny Ade could play the guitar when he had been playing Bongo drums since ?

After every show , Sunny Ade would pick my father’ s guitar and go to a secluded place to start practising some of the notes my daddy had played . He did that frequently until he mastered how to play the guitar very well. After some time , when my daddy ventured into drama, he ( Sunny Ade ) told him that he would love to start singing Juju music , so my daddy prayed for him.

What other things do people know your father for when he was alive?

Some people know my daddy to be minister in charge of Cherubim and Seraphim in Ilesha. My daddy is a philanthropist, he can give out things you can not imagine.

At what point did he become an Apostle ?

He gave his life to Christ after his boys deed put him in trouble during time he was practicing magic as profession. He was known as Professor Shandoo.

How did it happened ?

Some boys who were his apprentice while he was a professional magician, sold talisman to some set of secondary school students as love portion  and when the charm was used it resulted to the death of one student while trying to figure out the the reason for the death of that student it was revealed by the confession of a co-student that the student used Professor Shandoo's talisman which landed him into a big trouble. But after the storm of the incident was over he gave his life to Christ in Christ. The same church he gave his life to Christ; Cherubim and Seraphim was the same church he became the minister-in-charge till his death.

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