Don't Use Youth for Thuggery, It Give them Wrong Impression About Their Future - INEC Tells Politicians

Toba Adedeji

Independent Electoral Commission Commission has implored Nigerian politicians to refrain from using thugs during election period.

In his address Resident Electoral Commissioner, Mr Olusegun Agbaje at the Stakeholders meeting held at the Commission's head office in Osogbo, also noted that those politicians using youth as thug are only giving those youth wrong impression about their future.

Highlighting the commission's expectations from the stakeholders,  he said,  "politicians should shun violence,  malpractices,  snatching of ballot boxes,  buying an selling of voters cards,  intimidation of election officials,  vote buying and all other election vices; engage in effective,  positive,  purposeful and sustainable participation in the democratic process.

He said,  "The attitude of the political class particularly on what it takes to win elections which usually involve winning election at all cost by deploying all sorts illicit means such as vote buying,  use of thugs to disrupt election process,  raising of false alarm and dissemination of fake news to whip up unnecessary sentiments as well as the use of hate speeches or vulgar languages to undermine the electoral process."

According to him, "Politicians should desist from using youths for thuggery because it only give them wrong impression about their future. We should avoid all forms of irregularities during the election process.

"If we must tame the monstrous phenomenon of vote buying and other wicked forces that have continuously threatened the credibilty of our elections in Nigeria,  the political class must change it's 'do or die' attitude to good conduct in politics and all stakeholders have a lot of work to do in terms of positively engaging the political class in collaboration with the Commission an security agencies."

He noted that security agencies with all sense of patriotism,  courage and non partisanship will rise up to the occasion and ensure that everything legally possible is done to support peaceful elections.

Also,  the Commissioner of Police of Osun State,  Mrs Abiodun Ige assured adequate security for electorate.

She stressed that,  "We have beef up security in the State ahead the general election. Any body who violate the law will be arrested and charge to court accordingly.

" We have our intelligence team which are always on top of situations at these periods.  We are prepared for these elections and we will deliver a very peaceful election process which is void of intimidation,  harassment and other vices.

She urged all stakeholders to advocate for peaceful election process.

The NYSC coordinator of Osun State,  Mr. Emmanuel Attah said assault on any corps members won't be tolerated.

He said,  "If anyone maim or intimidate any of our corp members,  we will follow you. We won't keep it low.  we want to assure you of very credible election in Osun State.

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