My INEC Vigil Experience - Corps Member Writes

By: _Busy Brain_

I have never at any point in my life lose hope in the reformation of this country from its poor and stunted growth to a better, robust and convenient nation for all and sundry. As a matter of fact, I was among those patriotic Nigerians who so much believe in 'Nigeria go better mantra' not until the last moment of my long hours vigil at INEC office.

I had the most embarrassing disappointment yesterday having gone to the INEC office as earlier as 2:30pm with an empty tummy. Like other Corps members who have never participated in electoral processes before, I rushed myself  to the venue to meet up with the bus that would be taking us to our centre without knowing about the upcoming vigil. We were all deceived to remain calm and wait for the INEC materials and for real, we maintained that calm tempo. Later in the night, we all got stranded hanging around while many were on the floor, sleeping over night under the stench of cold breeze. I cannot but imagine the kind of suffering inflicted on the Corps members just because we wanted to participate in the process of electing another set of corrupt representa-thieves on a token stipend.

Sincerely speaking, Nigeria is a typical example of a confused nation that is being managed by the most confused set of leaders with weak, shallow, and disjointed minds. I have said it severally that, this country is still a toddler crawling in the hands of the wicked and prodigal representa-thieves under their immoral guise of outrageous, rapacious revelations.

Yesterday was a very tough, stressful and prayer free vigil for all the Corps members across the country. What Nigeria electoral body planned for four years ran under the senseless decision of postponement. This decision had not only jeopardized the already fixed programmes of many Nigerians but had also made the country to be an object of ridicule before the international community.

Up till now, some of the senseless Nigerian youths have not realised the level of wickedness of our greedy leaders because of the higher level of their own stupidity. They will still continue to rant on social media to defend their masters' failure and continue to launch attack on their perceived enemies. At this juncture,  a minute silent for the sixty six life that journey traveled to eternal slumber in Kaduna State for pre-election violence. How I wish these people know that they have died for those that care less about their existence. How I wish they know the facts that these looters are not worth dying for.

To my fellow Corps members, I want to believe that yesterday's vigil was one of those horrific experience in the journey of life. Our skin layers that were exposed to cold and mosquitoes shall sing and spell out some malignant nemesis. Let us bear it in mind that every disappointment is a blessing. One day, we shall tell these stories with joy that we once had a vigil during 2019 general election and before then, I pray for the abundant blessing to fall on us like rain beyond our imaginations.

Lest I forgot, let me use this medium to welcome the international observers to the best country in the world where four years planning resulted to failure at last minute. Although, I still hope for a better Nigeria

God bless Nigeria!
God bless the Youths Corps Members!

*Written by: Busy Brain*
*All right reserved*

*The above writer's name must not be withheld in the process of sharing this piece*

*Busy Brain:*
 is a Corp member serving in one of the states in the South West zone; a graduate of Mass Communication from the Federal Polytechnic Offa, Kwara State.

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