South-West traditional rulers accused of selling land to foreign herdsmen

Some traditional rulers in the South -West have been accused of inviting herdsmen from foreign countries to settle in their domains .
They allegedly harboured herdsmen from West African countries in the Oke Ogun area of Oyo State and other parts of Yorubaland .
A former Director , Directorate of Military Intelligence, Col . Kunle Toogun (retd . ) , said a monarch in Oke Ogun brought four trucksloads of herdsmen to his domain about three months ago .
Toogun , who is the chairman of Oke Ogun Security Committee, said the invasion of Yorubaland by foreign herdsmen was a big security threat to the people of the region .
He said , “ These people ( monarchs ) took money from the Bororo ( foreign herdsmen ) and asked them to come to their domains . These people are not Nigerians . The native Fulani people have their settlements around and they don ’ t graze their cattle in any farm .
“ A particular Oba sold the land of another community to these foreign herdsmen and it became a crisis . I met the Chairman of the Atisbo Local Government Area of Oyo State and told him that this particular monarch must stop the nonsense .
“ It was made clear to all the obas and chiefs in Oke Ogun not to harbour or sell land to these Bororos . But there is a stubborn and recalcitrant baale ( chief ) in Oke Ogun that is not only harbouring Bororos but also selling land to them. ”
The retired military officer stated that the traditional ruler allowed a large number of foreign herdsmen to settle in 10 locations within Atisbo LGA two months ago .
A youth group, the Yoruba Socio-Cultural Association , also accused another Oba in the Oke Ogun of giving land to foreign herdsmen and collecting cows in return .
The National Coordinator of the group , Mr Olawale Hammed , in an interview with SUNDAY PUNCH , said despite the outcry against the atrocities of killer herdsmen especially in the South- West, some monarchs still harboured them.
“ Some of these traditional rulers have lost their respect and they don ’ t care what happens to their subjects , ” he added .
But one of the traditional rulers in Ogun State , the Ooye of Iwoye- Ketu , Oba Joel Ademola, told SUNDAY PUNCH that the issue of Fulani herders and Yoruba was complex because some of them settled in different parts of Yorubaland a long time ago .
He said , “ Our forefathers gave some land to Fulani herdsmen but not in exchange for anything like cows or other items . It was done to boost the economy of our region .
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